About Deeasjer

Deeasjer is a luxury British shoe brand with a passion for beauty. Creating indulgent handcrafted shoes with love, right here in London. Our footwear collection is a celebration of femininity and luxury, bringing together the most opulent materials and extraordinary designs with the highest levels of British craftsmanship. From intensely romantic boudoir slippers to our show-stopping VIP collection, Deeasjer has the shoes you need, at work or at play.

The Deeasjer Story

Deeasjer is the creation of visionary footwear designer Charlene Shearer. Her love affair with sumptuous colour and head-turning style began during her interior design studies at Guildford University. There she fell in love with the lavish Art Deco illustrations of Erté and the playful colours of Kandinsky. She was enchanted by the opulence of the Rococo and the artistic indulgences of the French court under Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI. She began to dream of a brand that allowed her to play with these influences alongside her own personal style. A luxury shoe brand that was like nothing else around. A shoe brand with passion and soul.

From these earliest of inspirations, Deeasjer was born. But the road to gorgeous footwear wasn’t always easy. These shoes needed to be more than beautiful. They needed to represent the ultimate in luxury, crafted from the finest materials and created with exacting attention to. This detail. Charlene travelled to Italy to handpick luxury leathers. Researched the most intricate shoemaking techniques and pulled together a team of unrivalled British craftsmen attention to detail allows Deeasjer to create extraordinary shoes that never fail to make an impact.

Deeasjer is also proud to be a member of the UK Fashion and Textile Association the British Footwear Association and Make it British. Proudly flying the flag for British manufacturing.

Today, Deeasjer is a brand that wears its heart on its feet. Creating luxury shoes that never go unnoticed. Beautifully crafted and effortlessly stylish. Have you got your Deeasjers on?



The Deeasjer Story

Who We Are

We are one of the only British footwear brands to craft our bespoke shoes by hand in the capital. This means we can offer unrivalled luxury and attention to detail…

Creating shoes that not only look exquisite but feel heavenly, with intricately designed soles, layered with memory foam to cushion and protect your feet. Our master cordwainers craft each pair of our custom-made shoes from the softest Italian leathers, opulent satins and silks. Embellishments include Swarovski crystals and ethically-sourced feathers. We make the little details matter. So, you can be sure your Deeasjers will always look and feel like a piece of fine art. Sensuous. Decadent. Indulgent. It’s time you got your Deeasjers on.


How we became Deeasjer and the special meaning behind our name.

The Deeasjer story is wrapped within the story of our founder and creator, Charlene Shearer. And this story started with the birth of a very special baby girl, Charlene’s daughter, Asjerdee…

When Charlene was happily (and heavily) pregnant, a stranger asked her what she would call her precious new baby. She answered, “Asjerdee” The woman smiled and said, “Ah. Today”. Asjerdee is derived from the French word ‘Ajourd’hui’, meaning today. Because the day of Asjerdee’s birth would mark an incredibly important moment. A new beginning. A day of hope, of excitement and of love. A day that changed Charlene’s life forever in the most wonderful ways.

Several years later, a different type of birth was happening. The birth of an idea as Charlene successfully completed her interior design degree and began to think big. To think about art and design and fashion. To think about shoes and the potential to develop a new brand like no other. And there was only one name for this fledgling luxury brand, Deeasjer. An anagram of the name of her precious daughter and a reflection of two of the most powerful moments in Charlene’s life. Since then the Deeasjer brand and team have grown, but the link to that powerful moment, that emotional past, remains.

Deeasjer has always been more than fabulous luxury shoes. It’s about passion, determination and a dream becoming reality. It’s about helping every woman who wears Deeasjer feel some of that passion and fire. Helping her to unlock her best self and step into her own today. Helping her to write her own story while looking and feeling amazing. This isn’t just a shoe, it’s a statement about who you are.

So next time you slip into your favourite Deeasjers, think of the layers of meaning that make up who we are. And stand tall. You are passionate. You are fearless. You are beautiful. You are Deeasjer.



Here at Deeasjer, we love to partner with talented, creative individuals and brands. Whether that is crafting bespoke shoes for a special event, dressing our favourite people or designing special collections in collaboration with the brands we admire the most. Connecting with amazing people and designers drives our creativity and allows us to showcase our passion for luxury shoes in new and exciting ways.

Cynthia Erivo

Cynthia is one of our heroes here at Deeasjer. A beautiful and amazingly talented actress, singer, and songwriter who has a Tony and a Grammy Award in her very impressive collection.

So, when she performed at Buckingham Palace, back in 2014, she needed a pair of shoes that were every bit as stunning as her voice. We created a bespoke pair of Deeasjers encrusted with genuine Swarovski crystals for the event. These sparkling shoes looked exquisite as Cynthia enjoyed a very royal reception.

We are also proud to have partnered with Cynthia for a number of red carpet events, including the Olivier Awards.


Goldgenie is a well-known luxury brand specialising in Customising products with gold plating and other luxury materials. From iPhones to racing bikes, they are experts in adding a little extra decadence to the products you use every day.

Deeasjer were thrilled to partner with Goldgenie to produce a very special collection of shoes, showcasing a 24-karat, gold-plated heel. This collaboration also signalled the debut of Deeasjer in the Middle East, bringing the brand to a whole new audience of shoe lovers.

Her Majesty-close up-3Q
Gold Shoes - Goldgenie
Closeup of Gold shoes by Goldgenie