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Deeasjer’s Creative Designer Charlene Beckett’s love affair with shoes began when she was studying interior design at Guildford University. She was fascinated and strongly influenced by the Art Deco brilliance of Erte and by the artist and designer Kandinsky. 18th century Rococo Movement and the elegance and charm of Marie Antoinette are also inspirations for Charlene. The range of designs and love of beauty and femininity from these periods are truly inspiring.


At Deeasjer we hand-make the finest and most luxurious bespoke Italian leather shoes in the United Kingdom. Our shoes encapsulate beauty, elegance, femininity and style that appeals to the senses. Every pair of Deeasjer’s exudes luxury and sophistication.


Deeasjer is a member of the UK Fashion & Textile Association and the British Footwear Association and is one of a very few shoe maker who still manufacture hand-made shoes within the UK. All of our shoes are customised on a made-to-order basis.


We can design an exclusive range for your collection. We pride ourselves on incorporating the great cordwainers’ skills in crafting our exclusive shoes, which are created by our passionate hands to give your feet that sensual feeling, plus comfort.


Attention to detail in our shoes is second to none. Deeasjer uses the finest luxurious Italian leather, hand-woven satin and accessories adorned with unusual decorative elements. Deeasjer promises that extra special touch behind every pair that we make. We would work with you to customise your shoes the way you want them to be as well as catering for different feet sizes. We can gold-plate your heels and adorn the inside of your shoes with words, a logo or an image that is special to you.

Every pair of Deeasjer’s are packaged in beautiful bespoke boxes and comes in a luxurious bag for that finishing touch.


We will be delighted to design the shoes of your dreams from a wide range of leather, satins, accessories and adornments exclusively for you. This means no one else will ever have the same shoes. They will be unique to you.


Alternatively, you can choose from a wide range of new and exciting styles in our Deeasjer shoe selection. We will tailor-make the design that you like to match your personality and desires.

Classic Range

Deeasjer’s classic Rococo collection is a new boudoir range Marie Antoinette would give away her cake for. The shoes are hand-crafted from the finest leathers, plus the finest Italian satin.
They are adorned with mother of pearl and genuine Swarovski crystals, and embellished and lined with Deeasjer’s signature baby pink leather. The unique Rococo boudoir collection is available in a wide range of leathers and a choice of pastel satin shades.