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Jay 3D BACK Collection-1C

We don’t do ordinary at Deeasjer from fine leatherwork to laser cutting and customised heels, we work hard to help our clients put their own exclusive twist on the shoes we create.

Jay 3D Collection-1A

JL3D is a unique women's' footwear brand that brings the fusion of the finest traditional craftsmanship methods in shoe-making and the fine art of designing such intricate andornate heels and wedges using 3D Printing technology.

Inspired by geometric, architectural and sculptural forms.

The process the heels
Jay 3D R Side single BUBBLE-1C
Jay 3D Side fushia pink single Collection-G1

All our shoes are handmade in London using the most innovated technology and the most luxurious materials We pride ourselves on working with the finest British craftsmen while also providing a professional and friendly project management service that keeps our private label clients coming back time after time.

There is no other footwear company that offers such a wide range of services alongside such an impressive level of expertise.

Jay 3d heelsilver grey-flat H5
Jay the proccess-flat
The Process flats-2b