I love my Deeasjer’s. In the past I had trouble finding shoes that fit my slander feet and when I wore my first pair from Deeasjer I was in paradise. They fit like a glove and are so comfortable. I can wear them for an entire night out dancing, which makes all the difference. I now own a few pairs, boots, court shoes and sling-backs. My feet loves them, that’s why I’ve Got My Deeasjer’s on loves them

Marcia Williams – A devoted Deeasjer fan

I personally worked with Deeasjer a few years ago now. They handled all the factory liaisons and took all the stress out of shoe making for me! The quality of my shoes was fantastic as well as the comfort. My high heels were comfortable to wear for my customers which was of huge importance to me. Deeasjer was a pleasure to work with and I hope to work with them again in the future!

Anna Kichenside – Design & Development Manager Butterfly Twist

Planning a wedding is considered one of the most stressful experiences a woman can have. To top it off we had 10 bridesmaids who all needed beautiful shoes. I wanted them to be individual to each woman but clearly part of a collection. The Deeasjer teams bespoke and hands on approach is just what we needed. What we received was more than we could have asked for. From individual consultations and fittings everything had a personal touch. Were thrilled with how beautifully the shoes turned out. What we appreciated most about working with Charlene and her team was their ability to be creative and make changes when requested with no fuss keeping everyone happy

Serena Diouf

It has been a pleasure for Kocolala to work with Deeasjer, It has been a brilliant experience and the unique designs are both luxurious, with a unique balance of comfort and style. Deeasjer is the one to choose for bespoke designs which can be worn for any occasion.

Kocolala Lingerie

I met Charlene a couple of years ago when we both were showcasing at Fashion Finest. We remained in touch and did couple of projects together. During those sometimes stressful events I got to know her better and she became a dear friend of mine. Charlene is an absolute dream to work with, a woman with great vision, fantastic ideas and practical approach. She is honest, down to earth and friendly, but furthermost reliable.

Kasia Stone – Jewellery Designer

I love my Deeasjers, they are comfortable, gorgeous and each pair is perfect for the occasion. Charlene has a wonderful talent, passion and making sure they match their owners. Every time I wear my Deeasjers, someone compliments them and asks where they are from. I have complete pride in saying they are Deeasjers and they are made for me… They are amazing

Cynthia Erivo – Singer and Actress Star of “The Color Purple” Broadway NY

The first time I purchased a pair of Deeasjer’s shoes I was simply bowled over by the stunning design and could not believe how perfectly they fit. I now have a number of Deeasjer’s shoes and boots, which are beautifully made and so exquisite and second to none. I am absolutely thrilled with my Deeasjer’s.

Jean Sinclair