About Deeasjer

Deeasjer is a luxury British shoe brand with a passion for beauty. Creating indulgent handcrafted shoes with love, right here in London. Our footwear collection is a celebration of femininity and luxury, bringing together the most opulent materials and extraordinary designs with the highest levels of British craftsmanship. From intensely romantic boudoir slippers to our show-stopping VIP collection, Deeasjer has the shoes you need, at work or at play.

The Deeasjer Story

The Deeasjer story is wrapped within the story of our founder and creator, Charlene Shearer. And this story started with the birth of a very special baby girl, Charlene’s daughter, Asjerdee. When Charlene was happily (and heavily) pregnant, a stranger asked her what she would call her precious new baby. She answered, “Asjerdee” The woman smiled and said, “Ah. Today”. Asjerdee is derived from the French word ‘Ajourd’hui’, meaning today. Because the day of Asjerdee’s birth would mark an incredibly important moment. A new beginning. A day of hope, of excitement and of love. A day that changed Charlene’s life forever in the most wonderful ways.

Several years later, a different type of birth was happening. The birth of an idea as Charlene successfully completed her interior design degree and began to think big. To think about art and design and fashion. To think about shoes and the potential to develop a new brand like no other. And there was only one name for this fledgeling luxury brand, Deeasjer. An anagram of the name of her precious daughter and a reflection of two of the most powerful moments in Charlene’s life. Since then the Deeasjer brand and team have grown, but the link to that powerful moment, that emotional past, remains.

Handmade In London

Handmade In London

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The Deeasjer Collection

Our collection of luxury British shoes, handcrafted with love, to the highest levels of British craftsmanship, right here in London.

Private Label

Design Your Own Dream Shoe Collection

Our private label service allows you to design your dream shoe collection while we take care of the details. With over 20 years’ experience in handcrafted, luxury shoes, we understand how to create footwear that makes an impact. And we partner closely with you to bring your unique vision to life. Whether you are creating a limited-edition line or an ongoing collection, Deeasjer can help. We are here to make your vision a reality.

We understand that creating luxury shoes isn’t easy and that trying to find the right suppliers and manufacturers can be a headache. That’s why our project management and consultancy service provides support and expert guidance at every step of the way. From mock-ups and samples to materials, logos, and packaging, we have everything you need to make your newest shoe collection a success. We are a proudly British designer and manufacturer, committed to highest possible standards of craftsmanship. Our team of master shoemakers is based in London and we take an exacting approach to every aspect of the construction process.

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