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“Deeasjer has always been more than Fabulous luxury shoes, it's about passion, Determination and a dream Becoming Reality.”

Charlene - Creative Director

The Deeasjer Experience

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When you choose Deeasjer Bespoke, you choose a pair of exclusive luxury shoes that are uniquely and utterly yours. You’re involved at every stage of the design process. Partnering with us to create show stopping shoes that are tailored to every contour of your feet. Delivering on comfort as well as beauty.

What to Expect

We start with detailed illustrations to bring your vision to life, allowing you to tweak and refine your final design. Then we create your custom lasts – the form around which your shoes are moulded – working with the finest lastmaker in the UK to build precise last as unique as your feet.


When it comes to materials, you’re in control. Choose from decadent satins, silks, and sumptuous leathers. And that’s before we get to the sparkling Swarovski crystals and ethically sourced feathers that can add up to the perfect finishing touch. We can source luxury fabrics and embellishments from around the world, meaning you never have to compromise on this pair of very special shoes.

The next exciting part of your journey is an initial fitting session. Here, mock-ups will help you to visualise your completed design, and we can make any small adjustments to ensure the perfect fit before our shoemakers start to craft your bespoke footwear. Finally, you will receive your perfectly finished shoes and step out in incredible style and comfort.

Get in touch to book your Bespoke appointment with Charlene at our Atelier or to ask a question about our Bespoke process.
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Pricing & Timescales

Bespoke shoes start at £2,000 (Prices vary depending on materials chosen.) Please note that Bespoke shoes, including your unique last, can take between 8 and 10 months to create.