Rose Quartz Crystal

Finding your Power

What’s fascinating about Rose Quartz?

It goes beauty beyond its natural beauty to the layers of meaning hiding beneath its milky surface. Known as the stone of universal love, it’s been a coveted gem for thousands of years and is recognised in the practice of Feng Shui for spreading nourishing and loving Chi. Practitioners advise that carrying Rose Quartz in your purse or pocket can help to dispel pain and negative emotions while allowing loving energy to permeate.

Your uniqueness

“You well find” in every Rose Quartz stone an opaque lustre that gives a unique look and feel to every Rose Quartz stone. From subtle pale pink to intense rosy shades, it’s the individuality of each gem that makes this stone both fascinating and covetable. I wanted to create a footwear design that embodied these same feelings of lightness, romance, and grace.

Your Individuality

Rose Quartz may also contain fibres of rutile or borosilicate (types of glass) and this inclusion, rather than reducing the clarity of the stone, produces a stunning starburst effect. The metallic embellishment of rutilated Quartz make it perfect for jewellery and inspired the intense twinkle of our Crystal Rose design.


Rose Quartz is also recognised as a powerful force in crystal healing. Quartz contains dumortierite which is linked to calming worries and confusion, strengthening self-confidence, and inspiring clarity through simplicity. As someone who lives with Lupus, I’m also drawn to the impact of boron (found in most dumortierite) which is said to be a powerful natural cleanser, restoring balance across the body and particularly in the immune system.

I hope anyone who steps out in our Crystal Rose heels feels truly empowered, not only because they are wearing a beautiful pair of handcrafted shoes, but because of the depth of meaning and love that goes into each of our very special designs.

Restore your balance

A gift for you!

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With love from Deeasjer