Mule Heel sandal /shoes /slippers

“I don’t know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot”.

         Marilyn Monroe

What Makes Deeasjer Shoes Unique?

Discover the story of luxury footwear made exclusively for you.


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British Made

Hand-crafted To Order

Upper Silk / Satin mix
Hairsheep Leather Lining
Layered Memory Foam Insole
Heel 102mm
Leather Sole
Personalisation Available
Embellishment: Marabou and ostrich Feathers Mix
Available in a Range of Colours

Luxurious Materials

Available In A Range Of Colours


  • Satin/ Leather
  • Baby Pink
  • Black
  • silver
  • Red
  • Champaign-Ivory
  • white
  • Other colours available on request

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